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The Zpod Partnerships Program

Zpod’s affiliate marketing

The Partners Program allows you to earn commissions on qualifying revenue by referring customers using your unique affiliate link in content such as podcasting, Influencing, blog posting and tweeting, linking to Zpod Apps.

The Zpod Partnerships Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic.

Start Today to Make Money

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Through the program, partners can earn between 3-7% commission on sales through Zpod Apps on iOS and Android with Net 30.

Applying to the Program

We are currently only accepting a limited number of partners who can drive significant volume and quality performance. Reporting and payments for the program is facilitated by Zpod platform. To participate in the program, all members must agree to the terms and conditions. Read more here to review the program requirements and for frequently asked questions about our applications process. If you feel that you meet the criteria for being an Zpod Services partner, you can apply here. Please provide as much detailed information as possible in order for us to best evaluate your application. Missing information could result in denial of your application. We will reach out if you are accepted into the program.

Getting Started

After you have been accepted, follow some simple and easy steps with our Getting Started Guide to get up and running in the Performance Partners Program and learn the basics from start to finish.